Modified Ground Forward Wrist Lock - WRIST#1

The modified forward wristlock may be applied while lying on your back. It is a variation of the traditional figure 4 wristlock, and is similar to the back-bent wristlock. It applies pressure against your opponent's wrist by bending it forwards in order to create pain compliance.

STEP 1: Control your targeted opponent's wrist with your opposite side hand. With your same side hand pressure your opponent's elbow away from his body (this is a deceptive move.

STEP 2: Reverse your pressure with the same side hand and rotate your opponent's elbow inward. Snake over/across with your same side hand and scoop your opponent's elbow with your same side hand and the lower portion of your forearm.

STEP 3: At the same time, bend your opponent's target wrist and forearm backwards and outwards with your opposite hand while pulling his elbow inward with your same side hand and forearm.

STEP 4: Snake your same side hand around your opponent's forearm and grab your other forearm thus creating the figure 4 lock. Bend your opponent's wrist forwards towards his body while pulling your arms inward to your chest to execute the lock.


As with most joint locks, this lock dependings upon deception and a speedy execution. If your opponent senses the impending lock, he may be able to counter it with resistance.