Modified Rear Interlock Choke - NECK SUBMISSION#2

The modified rear interlock choke is a powerful blood choke that when properly applied will overwhelm and submit your opponent within seconds.

STEP 1: From the rear position, use your entry to tightly encircle your opponent's throat. This action alone should create immediate pain and discomfort.

STEP 2: Shoot your arm across forcing your opponents neck deep into the inner crook of your elbow and grab your opposite bicep.

STEP 3: Both of your shoulders should now be fully extended forward as you place your opposite hand behind your opponent's head.

STEP 4: Push your opponent's head forward and sideways towards the crook of your elbow with your opposite hand as you squeeze your encircling arm tight around your opponent's neck.

STEP 5: Engage the powerful muscles of the back and shoulders to pull backwards as you push your chest forwards. The combined effect of this two-way action will create overwhelming force that will cause immediate pain and stop the blood flow to your opponent's head.


When done properly your opponent will submit or be rendered unconcious within a few seconds.