Modified Ground Wrist/Hand Torque Lock- WRIST#3

The modified hand/wrist torque wrist lock may be applied while lying on your back. It applies torquing pressure against your opponent's wrist and hand by twisting them backwards in order to create pain compliance.

STEP 1: Control your targeted opponent's hand with your opposite side hand. His palm should be forward, thumb down, and pinky facing up.

STEP 2: Twist your opponent's hand backward as you feed his hand into your same side hand. Your same side hand should grab his hand from behind in the underside inside position with your palm facing towards you.

STEP 3: Continue twisting your opponent's target hand/wrist and backwards with your same side hand as your reposition your opposite hand.

STEP 4: Reposition your opposite hand over the top of your opponent's hand to create the maximum amount of torque. Simulataniously, pull your opponent's hand downward to remove excess space and ground your opponent down.


As with most joint locks, this lock depending upon deception and a speedy execution. If your opponent senses the impending lock, he may be able to counter it with resistance.