Modified Ground and Pound Defense - FLOW#1

The modified ground and pound defense is used when your opponent has the full mount position and is trying to use punches and elbows to overwhem you.
This is difficult position to be in. Therefore, the strategy is to simulanteously redirect the initial flurry of blows and strike back with open handed whipping movements.

STEPS: There are not preset steps to this technique. The idea is to use interweaving hands, forearms, and elbows to redirect, block, and strike back at your opponent. Since it is impossible to individually stop each incoming blow, the movements are guided by touch, pressure, and sensing when you are "open" to being struck, and when your opponent is "open" to being attacked. The attacks are whipping open hands and fingers directed at your opponents face, body, and groin.


It is very important to not allow your opponent to ride high upon your chest and trap your arms with his legs. Therefore, you must deter him by striking at his groin, and biting the insides of his legs if necessary.