Modified Ground Double Wrist Grab Release - FINGER#2

The modifed ground double wrist grab release utilizes your teeth to remove one of your opponent's wrist grabs. Either you bite the fingers for release, strip the fingers off with your lower teeth, or cause your opponent to instinctively let go. The follow through is to execute a finger lock on the hand that just released the grab.

STEP 1: Your opponent grabs both of yor wrists.

STEP 2: You reach across and grab one of his wrists with a grabbed opposite hand.

STEP 3: You pull down and direct his "captured" hand into your open mouth. Bite or strip his hand free.

STEP 4: Now that his grab has been released, maintain your grip with your opposite hand, and use your free same side hand to grab his fingers.

STEP 5: Bend his fingers back and sideways as you sweep his fingers across your body to create the finger lock and pain compliance.


The intent of this lock is to get your opponent off your body. You immediately must transition to another position or technique.